There are two grades of membership - Full and Student. Full membership is available to established phoneticians and acousticians with operational and/or academic interests in forensic applications of phonetics or acoustics. The grade of Student Member is available to students undertaking a course in Higher Education in phonetics, acoustics or in a subject closely related to those disciplines.

Membership Applications

Membership applications are considered by the Executive Committee. Applicantions must be supported by two referees who are Full Members of the Association and who have knowledge of the applicant's qualifications and work. Applicants must also submit by e-mail a copy of their curriculum vitae (which includes the following: degrees and awards, forensic interests and/or experience, affiliations to other professional associations, appointments, relevant publications and research interests).

Members are bound by the Association's Constitution and Code of Practice. These should be read before submitting an application.

Applications should be made using the on-line Application Form. Accompanying CVs should be e-mailed to

Annual Membership Rates

Full Membership including journal subscription: £60
Student Membership including journal subscription: £30
Student Membership excluding journal subscription: £12

Pay using paypal:

Membership Enquiries

Please e-mail membership enquiries to the Membership Secretary, Richard Rhodes, at