Committees & Officers

Each of the committees listed on the left has its own page with information about its role and current members. Information relating to research grants and supported projects is provided on the Research Committee page.


Professor Peter French

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the following:

  • The general running of the Association
  • Planning and reviewing the activities and policies of the Association
  • Considering applications for membership

The current Executive Committee:

Research Committee

The role of the Research Committee is to promote research activities within the Association by:

  • considering and making recommendations to the Executive Committee on Members’ applications for Association funding for research projects;
  • co-ordinating research proposals from networks of Members and assisting in the presentation of those proposals to external funding bodies.

The current Research Committee:

  • Chair:  Dominic Watt –
  • Volker Dellwo
  • Erica Gold
  • Gea de Jong-Lendle
  • Finnian Kelly
  • Radek Skarnitzl
  • Viktoria “Vica” Papp
Research Grants

Titles and links to abstracts of both current and past research projects supported by IAFPA can be found on the Research Grants page.  A series of guidelines is in place for those members wishing to make an application for a research grant.

Conference Committee

The conference committee changes year on year – current conference information can be found here.

Working groups

IAFPA has a working group who are investigating how IAFPA how can help members carry out method testing, and share and compare the results of different test methods on different data-sets.  This group reports to the AGM at the annual conference.

There will also be a working group established to review the current Code of Practice (CoP); it was decided at the 2016 AGM that the Professional Conduct Committee would be dissolved in favour of a working group with a fixed timetable to review the current CoP, and update it to reflect current practices.