Student conference prizes

Conference attendees award 2 student presentation awards for excellent oral and poster presentations: in Zurich in 2023, these were awarded to Daniel Dennan Lee for his oral presentation with Kirsty McDougall, Finnian Kelly and Anil Alexander entitled: PASS (Phonetic Assessment of Spoofed Speech): Towards a human-expert-based framework for spoofed speech detection. The poster award was won by Lois Fairclough for her poster (with Georgina Brown and Christin Kirchhübel) entitled: Taking a closer look at formants for the purpose of voice comparison: a meta-analysis of research literature.

We are very grateful to Oxford Wave Research for sponsoring a separate prize for talks on acoustics and automatic voice analysis. This was won by Linda Gerlach (with Finnian Kelly, Kirsty McDougall and Anil Alexander) for her talk entitled: A convincing voice clone? Automatic voice similarity assessment for synthetic speech samples.