IAFPA Student Committee

We are a group of 6 PhD students representing 5 universities in 3 countries, researching different areas within the field of forensic phonetics and acoustics. As the IAFPA student committee, our mission is to provide easier communication channels and greater opportunities for international collaboration for student IAFPA members, both within and outside of the IAFPA annual conference.

Our current main goals are to provide opportunities for students to meet and interact with one another at the IAFPA annual conference in the form of student gatherings and student meeting points during breaks. Outside the conference, we are aiming to set up a student lecture series, in which students can present their ongoing research to other students to gain valuable feedback and potentially even collaborative opportunities.

We have created a new IAFPA slack where student members can easily connect and stay in touch throughout the year. 

If you have ideas for events, talks, and other more or less formal activities that you would like to bring forward or if you yourself would like to get involved in organising, please let us know.

Being an IAFPA student member has many benefits, and our growing slack channel shows that now is time to become part of something bigger. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email if you would like to join.

For general enquiries: iafpastudentrep(at)gmail.com

We look forward to getting to know you!

We are the current IAFPA student committee:

Contact info:

General Coordinator

Leah Bradshaw


University of Zurich, Switzerland

General Secretary

Lois Fairclough


Lancaster University, UK

Media coordinators

Chloe Patman


University of Cambridge, UK

Paula Rinke


Marburg University, Germany

Event coordinators

Sophie Möller


Marburg University, Germany

Beeke Muhlack


Saarland University, Germany