We are running a new IAFPA webinar series. These short events will offer a chance for members to communicate more regularly about their research and casework practice. These sessions will be more informal than conference presentations, where members can discuss problems around a certain theme or type of work. These might be casework problems or insights, new software developments, collections of talks around a theme, or any type of session that members want.

If you have a suggestion for a theme or a talk, please get in touch with Andrea – IAFPA@protonmail.com – we encourage innovative and collaborative talk formats, so please come forward with your most creative suggestions.

Next Webinar Session:

Webinar 3 – 4 May 2022: Oxford Wave Research

Using automatic speaker recognition in forensic casework: This talk will present an example workflow for using an automatic speaker recognition system in forensic casework. We will present a practical methodology for comparing case data and interpreting the score as a likelihood ratio, and will discuss some of the important considerations at each stage of the process, including data pre-processing, relevant population data selection, and interpretation of results. We will demonstrate the methodology with a mock-case using VOCALISE, an x-vector based automatic speaker recognition system. We would like to invite the audience to share their own case processing workflows and thoughts on how different workflows can be incorporated using automatic systems.

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Previous webinar sessions:

Webinar 2 – February 2022: ‘Propositions’: Richard Rhodes and Vince Hughes – discussion about how propositions should be formed, assessed and reported on

Webinar 1 – December 2021: Tonight Show with Gea – Interview with Prof Peter French